HTH Worldwide travel insurance review 2022!

HTH Worldwide travel insurance review 2022!

Travelers may get the best international health insurance from HTH Worldwide. HTH Worldwide, formerly known as Highway to Health, Inc., was established in 1997 and has grown to become one of the most reputable suppliers of worldwide health insurance plans. All of the individual health insurance plans offered by HTH Worldwide include their special Global Health and Safety Service, which is a set of online resources for getting in touch with local medical experts, getting security and health news alerts, and more.

Travelers up to 74 and 84 years old are frequently covered by HTH Worldwide travel medical insurance policies. They provide programs for single people, families, international residents, expatriates, and students entering and leaving the United States.

The travel insurance package plans from HTH Worldwide are often full-featured policies with safeguards against trip interruption, cancellation, and delay in addition to medical coverage, evacuation and repatriation coverage, luggage loss and delay coverage, and other coverages. Missed connection coverage is the sole element that all of their plans share but none of them exclude.

Their website is simple to use, and the top navigation makes it easy to discover the package you want. It is simple to obtain details about any plan, including the option to compare options.

Plans for HTH Worldwide Travel Insurance

The variety of travel insurance policies offered by HTH Worldwide will appeal to both leisure and business visitors. These policies cover issues like flight delays, misplaced luggage, and unexpected medical expenses. International tourists will particularly value the access to medical professionals provided by HTH Worldwide.

By Forbes Advisor’s rankings of the top travel insurance, HTH’s TripProtector Preferred Plan, which was previously mentioned, is its highest-rated plan.

The TripProtector Economy plan offers $500,000 in medical transportation coverage together with $75,000 in medical illness and injury coverage. Additionally, you’ll receive $250 in coverage for missed connections, $250 for luggage and personal items coverage ($750 maximum), and $100 per day for travel delays after an eight-hour delay ($500 maximum).

TripProtector Classic plan: This policy provides $1 million in medical transportation coverage as well as $250,000 in medical illness and injury coverage. You will receive $1,000 in total coverage for your goods and luggage, $500 for missing connections, and $200 per day for travel delays after six hours.

Travelers with primary health insurance may choose a single trip: If you have a short-term overseas medical plan through your health insurance, HT offers one. It pays for pre-existing conditions’ medical expenses and air transportation. You may select a maximum benefit amount between $50,000 and $1 million as well as deductibles between $0 and $500.

Single-trip choice for visitors lacking primary medical insurance: International tourists without health insurance can use this plan. Pre-existing conditions are covered for medical evacuation. You may choose a maximum benefit amount between $50,000 and $1 million, as well as deductibles between $0 and $500.

Options for worldwide expatriate health insurance are provided by HTH Worldwide and may be appropriate for students, missionaries, people on overseas professional assignments, marine crew members, and expatriates:

Xplorer plan: International health insurance plans for people and families who expect to spend at least three months a year away from their native country.

Navigator plans International health insurance plans for missionaries, marine workers, and students who want to spend at least three months a year away from home.

Optional Extras

You have two upgrade choices if you choose the TripProtector Preferred plan:

You must buy a “cancel for any reason” (CFAR) upgrade within 10 days of making your first trip deposit. If you need to cancel your trip less than two days before it is due to depart, HTH’s CFAR coverage will reimburse up to 75% of your non-refundable trip costs. It enables you to cancel for an explanation not included in the fundamental policy.

Your rental car is protected by a collision damage waiver if it is damaged by an accident, theft, vandalism, windstorm, fire, hail, flood, or any other event beyond your control. The states of New York, Oregon, and Texas do not offer this coverage.

The TripProtector Economy or Classic plans cannot be amended to include “cancel for any reason” coverage or collision waiver.

Pricing for HTH International Travel Insurance Plans

The pricing for HTH’s travel insurance plans will vary since the benefits vary. Examples of costs for HTH’s TripProtector Preferred plan are as follows:

  • Two vacationers, both 30 years old, paid $5,000 for their trip to Turks & Caicos $252
  • Two 40-year-old passengers paid $241 to fly to Mexico on a $5,000 trip.
  • Two elderly passengers, $7,000 for their vacation to Greece $555
  • Two 70-year-old tourists, $5,000 trip expense, flying to the UK, $497

Does HTH Worldwide Offer Travel Assistance 24 Hours a Day?

Plans from HTH Worldwide provide you access to their round-the-clock travel help services. You can get help from the group with things like:

  • Arranging and funding a medical evacuation
  • Arranging a bedside visit for a friend or family member if you are in the hospital for more than seven days
  • Legal support 
  • Replacing medical prescriptions 

What Isn’t Included?

All travel insurance policies have exclusions, so it’s crucial to read the small print and understand what a plan does not cover. Examples of emergency medical coverage exclusions from the TripProtector Preferred plan from HTH Worldwide include the following

  • **Using drugs or alcohol while under the influence (apart from those that are prescribed by a doctor and taken as directed by that doctor)
  • Excessive sports
  • Taking part in professional sports
  • Dentist services (except as the result of injury)
  • Conception and delivery (except for complications of pregnancy)
  • Emotional or mental problems
  • Intentionally causing harm to oneself
  • suicide or a suicide attempt

How to Make a Claim at HTH Global

Depending on the plan and the kind of claim, HTH Worldwide offers a variety of claim forms. Make sure you include the necessary supporting evidence for your claim.

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